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Lately, I’ve just been feeling very lucky. I’m not entirely sure if it is related to the people around me going through extremely difficult things that I have never had to go through, or if I have just never appreciated my situation of life before. I have especially been feeling lucky to live where I do. I live right on the beach. In fact this morning I was able to take an hour walk in the warm sun on the beach this morning. Very few people can say that, and for that I’m extremely grateful. I grew up at the beach. In recess as a child, the playground was all sand. Of course this led to harsh sand burn on windy days. In fact, I can remember when I was in elementary school and there was one day the wind was very strong, probably a tropical storm coming in. That day was the first day I remember feeling lucky to live at the beach. I know, it’s crazy to feel lucky after everyone in your third grade class is bright red because of all of the sand burn, but I did. I was so happy, because I could say I live at the beach, I can go to the beach whenever I want, I live in warm weather all the time.
I’ve also been feeling very lucky for having amazing parents. I would obviously not been here without them, but I feel like they have raised me in a way to see the good in everything and make the right decisions. Which is exactly what parents are supposed to do, but they really are the best parents I could ever ask for and I’m so appreciative that they take the time to listen to all of my petty school problems, that they are willing to spend copious amounts of time with me, and that they put up with me singing broadway musicals to them all day everyday.
Another thing that I feel very fortunate to have, is the fact that I’m never lost in school. I’ve kind of just always understood what going on, and I have really taken that for granted my entire life. I have noticed this “talent” in Spanish class this year. There are a few students that just don’t get it. However, for me it’s just always clicked. I don’t mean for that to be conceited because I’m very grateful for this ability to just have everything make sense. I’ve watched some of my friends just struggle to pass classes and I just feel like that would be awful. I just feel so absolutely lucky to get it.
P.S. I am sadly not lucky I’m in love with my best friend. Sorry Jason Mraz.
P.P.S. Sorry I bragged this whole time.
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"Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody."

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Comparing Different Things in Life

Since the new year began I decided to use my New Year’s resolution for something I really did need to improve. In June I had a reconstruction of my patellar-femoral ligament. I was in physical therapy until around November for this injury, not making that much progress.
Background information:
I have all hyperextended ligaments. However, my entire family has really bad knees and backs, so I was doomed for injury at some point. I had always been a sports fanatic since I was two years old. A few years ago I was trying out for my middle school basketball team, which as a stranger reading this you’ll think this was a stupid idea, but I did in fact play basketball from the age of five to nine, so I knew the rules and loved to play it. I hadn’t played for a while, although I was already in shape from volleyball, so I was ready for playing this sport. So, long story short (to be told on another day) I broke my knee during a basketball drill. In medical terms fractured my patella, snapped my patellar-femoral ligament, and sprained my MCL. Since the fiasco of this event, I have done this two more times through separate sports injuries.
(P.S. Before the real story begins this is in no way me feeling sorry for myself because I’m very lucky that the situation isn’t worse. I’ve had a lot of family members that have had FAR worse injuries and surgeries and learning what problems they have experiences. I am very lucky that this is the extent of my problems.)
So, back to the New Years resolution, I decided to strengthen my knee and work on the range of motion because a while ago I became extremely discouraged by not making any progress.
The reason I am making this blog post is because recently I had an epiphany. Rehabilitating a knee, or any other bone, tendon, or muscle, is like learning another language. I am currently learning Italian and Spanish, and I mean the feeling of trying to figure out what you’re gonna say is exactly like figuring out what muscles you need to flex to move your leg the certain way. With a different language you have to think about every single phrase and word you know to remember how to ask your question, or say your statement. With a broken bone you have to think about how to flex all of your muscles just to carry out a simple straight leg raise. Now to anyone who has never broken a bone these simple functions are second nature. However, it is one of the hardest things to do. But, just like learning a new language, one must practice everyday and push oneself to new limits.
Winter ❄️
P.S. I like to ramble
P.P.S. This post makes me uncomfortable because it’s so serious.

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Too much hope?

"Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite shows in the whole television spectrum. It makes it even more glamorous because Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) are in fact together in real life, not just Storybrooke. ITS A REAL LIFE FAIRYTALE!"
This is a quote I actually said to my bus chum Natalie. Now obviously I don’t really believe in meeting someone, knowing them for 3 days, falling desperately in love within those 3 days of planning the perfect fairytale wedding, and happily ever afters…at least not without the occasional bumps in the road. However, I do believe you can fall desperately in love with someone (over a course of time) and you can have happily ever after (with hundreds of mountain sized bumps in the middle of it). I was explaining this to my chum, in less words of course, whenever she interrupted me to tell me I have to much hope. Saying this to a normal person, they just brush it off.
Me? Oh yeah, it sent me on a whirl-wind of thought to make sure I have just the right amount of hope. Now yes, when I look back at how much time was actually spent considering this thought, it’s too much, but I couldn’t see that at the time.
I thought, and thought, and thought, and thought, and thought some more.
*Said in Gru’s voice* “LIGHTBULB”
Why would it be a bad thing to have too much hope? Because you could be let down? Okay, but if you don’t have any hope then nothing good would ever happen, because you would never let it. So maybe having too much hope is setting you up for disappointment, but it could also make you keep an open mind for something great. Not just a fairytale ending but amazing friendships and opportunities. So after hours of thinking, I’m happy about having “too much hope,” I’m happy that I can be an open minded person and make friends without judging people.

P.S. Sorry if this sounded like it was trying to be inspirational, that was not my intentions while typing this but I read over it and it started to sound like a 700’s club sermon.

P.P.S. I’m now a level 6 Italian.

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New Classes

Being an awkward person, believe it or not, does have it’s perks. People think you’re hilarious, you aren’t “un-relatable,” and you have great collar bones from being tense all of the time. However, when I began my new classes this past semester, I sort of forgot how to make new friends, how to keep a conversation going, and mainly how to ease them into the nervous ball of anxiety I am. I have never had a necessarily hard time making friends by any means, although it gets harder and harder through my years of growing up and separating paths from my long-time friends. So this semester I began classes with all new people. And when I say all new people, I literally mean it, seriously I was not good friends with any of these people. This can be a very stressful environment for anxious people, but I decided to “go with the flow.” (By the way I’m fairly intelligent especially for my age, so all of these people are around 2 years older than me.) Although I am definitely not the kind of person who pushes herself too far, I push myself right before I reach the edge. Meaning I put a lot of weight on my shoulders academically and socially. As much as I LOVE Chemistry and just learning about it, I also force myself to try to make some of these people, that I will probably never talk to outside of my class, like me. However, being a freshman in an all junior class does not go over well in the making friends area. None of these people know I’m a freshman besides my lab partner, and I wanted to keep it that way, so it did not lead me into uncomfortable situations. So this leads me into my story for today.

It’s 10:00 a.m. sharp and I’m entering my chemistry lab. My lab partner decides that she is sick today so I have to sit alone while listening to all of the conversation mumbling behind me. We continue to learn about the importance of lab safety and Material Safety Data Sheets, of which I am no stranger to so I’m just tuning the class out, when out of no where the teacher claims that we are done for the day. Being that this is High School we can’t just leave the class, so I’m stuck here waiting for class to get out. By now it’s around 11:02 a.m. and being the “over achiever” I am, I decide to get some work done for my AP Human Geography class. I never knew that pulling a book out of your bag initiated conversation, however some people mentioned how “they haven’t taken that class in two years” and “it’s so weird for her to be in this class and that class at the same time.” Allas, my secret is out now. I am a freshmen. It was short lived, and I’m not gonna lie I was surprised it took them so long. Although, I have no idea how any of them feel and I mean I kinda just saw a lot of shocked faces and rolling of eyes, I’m guessing they’re not too keen on having a freshman infiltrate their all junior class. As this all happened I’m sure you could imagine how much of a sweaty ball of anxiousness I was at this point. Not helping that there are some extremely attractive boys in this class. But, guess what, I’m not done. This very nerdy boy, of which I do not know his name decides to tell me all about his 3 years at this school and how it seems like so long ago that he was in my shoes. This whole time I am trying to allude to the fact that I do not want to participate in conversation at the moment. However, it does not stop him, he just carries on. My mind is going double time on all of the sarcastic thoughts, “Go ahead tell me more about all of the stuff you had to learn about political boundaries. Oh my god you’re so smart. Wow this is really great.” Although, I am way to nice of a person to ever be mean to this kid, so I just play along watching the clock tick by. Finally! 11:35!! I’M FREE!
He then proceeds to follow me to my Spanish class telling me all about his first Spanish teacher. As this is happening I’m assuming that he’s going to break away and go his separate path down a different hallway.
He follows me ALL THE WAY TO THE DOOR and then turns around and goes upstairs. This would be normal if I knew John Doe’s name or if he really creepy or maybe if I didn’t find out later that his class is on the other side of the school.

I mean this kid could have just been trying to be nice or maybe I have an admirer. But I did not like his strategy in friend making.

Now I completely understand if this does not seem to be awkward at all to anybody else but me. But I found it very strange and uncomfortable. And I’m just really looking forward to finding out what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Hasta Luego,

P.S. My keyboard has a slight delay the entire time I was writing this.

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